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Join the Academic Writing Club You Can Reach Your Academic Career Goals!

  • Feeling overwhelmed by the demands of writing, publishing, and teaching?
  • Worried about your lack of writing productivity and excessive procrastination?
  • Wondering if you’re going to be able to finish your dissertation OR get tenure?

How good would it feel to:

  • Stop feeling guilty about how little you’ve written?
  • Enjoy your academic career more?
  • Make steady progress towards your publishing and other writing goals?

Introducing…   The Academic Writing Club

Struggling with writers block, procrastination, or lack of motivation?
You’re not alone!  Overcome your personal obstacles and learn confident,
consistent, efficient writing with the help of the Academic Writing Club.
Our structured, online, accountability-based coaching system has helped
thousands of academics advance their careers, and we can help you too!

  • Get the accountability and structure you need to write daily and become a productive writer
  • Enjoy the support of your peers (you can be anonymous) and an online coach about the process of writing
  • Use the concept of moderate amounts of daily writing to produce more work, more creatively

Features of the AWC (Academic Writing Club)

  • Separate groups for grad students and professors, for humanities, social sciences and STEM.
  • Interact with others who struggle with the same writing problems
  • Monitor the amount written, time spent writing and daily goals
  • Track problems and get help as needed
  • Get past your writing blocks
  • Interact with peers, available 24/7
  • Focus is on the process, not the content of your writing

Individual Coaching

We help you resolve blocks, clarify thorny issues, figure out your priorities, solve problems, get organized, make decisions, and learn about new writing habits,   Because we know you want the highest value for your money, our individual coaching is oriented towards getting you ready to join the Academic Writing Club.  

  • Confidential phone coaching
  • Become clear about what you need to do, and make decisions with more ease
  • Think through/ brain storm areas of your work where you are stuck or need help
  • Learn and practice new writing habits
  • Get organized; stay on top of tasks
  • Get tools that will help you write regularly and productively and finish your dissertation or get tenure and promotion

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