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  • Feeling overwhelmed by the demands of writing, publishing, and teaching?
  • Worried about your lack of writing productivity and excessive procrastination?
  • Wondering if you’re going to be able to finish your dissertation OR get tenure?

Now you can:

  • Be confident of getting tenure
  • Finish and defend your dissertation
  • Stop feeling guilty about how little you’ve written
  • Enjoy your academic career more
  • Make steady progress towards your publishing and other writing goals!

We have several options to help you succeed in academia: 

The Academic Writing Club

Struggling with writers block, procrastination, or lack of motivation?  You’re not alone! 
  • Overcome your personal obstacles and learn confident, consistent, efficient writing
  • Our structured, online, accountability-based coaching system has helped thousands of academics advance their careers, and we can help you too!
  • Get the accountability and structure you need to write daily and become a productive writer
  • Enjoy the support of your peers (you can be anonymous) and an online coach about the process of writing
  • Use the concept of moderate amounts of daily writing to produce more work, more creatively
  • Separate online groups for professors and grad students, for humanities, social science and STEM disciplines

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Individual dissertation and tenure coaching and dissertation coaching groups 

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And above all, check out the Academic Writing Club today!


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