3 Secrets to Doing Well this Summer, Even if You’re an Academic

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Businessman in relax and workAh, Summer! At last, many of us academics have the promise of unstructured time……… and the peril of goals.

Yes, we were often the children who loved school. After all, we kept on going for years! Yet we treasured summer vacation for its slower pace, tempting activities, exciting adventures, idle laziness.

Summer in an academic life holds such promise! Many of us have put off all of our writing goals until this season. We anticipate:

  • Fewer external commitments!
  • The chance to structure the days as you wish!
  • Extended time in or lab!
  • You can finally get that project fully under way!
  • Opportunities for projects!
  • Time with friends and family!
  • Vacation! Travel to family or exotic locales!

But summer brings perils as well. Summer break for an academic writer is not the same today as those glorious memories of childhood summer vacations.

The promise of limitless time to accomplish our greatest dreams often is not fulfilled.

What happens?  And what can you do about it?

The following simple tips will help you enjoy your summer while remaining productive.  You’ll thank yourself in September for giving some thought to summer writing.

Click here for “3 Secrets to Doing Well this Summer, Even if You’re an Academic.



From our friend Kerry Ann Rockquemore, now of the National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity, A series of columns in Inside Higher Ed during summer 2010:

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