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Give the gift that says “I Believe in You!”

Gift CardSupport the academic endeavors of someone special to you — give them the gift of membership in The Academic Writing Club.

They’ll get the help and support they need to complete those challenging writing projects — and you’ll get the gift of helping them succeed!

“… the season of angst and applications in which I was embroiled during the November ’08 through March ’09 sessions of Academic Ladder has ended most happily — with a new position at another university.  I’m very pleased about the final outcome, and feel that I have Academic Ladder to thank for help with the application writing and journal article completion that made the new position possible.”

D., Assistant Professor of History

Select 1, 4, or 12 sessions, each consisting of 4 weeks of membership in the Academic Writing Club.

  Grad Student Professors
Gift of 1 Academic Writing Club Session – 4 Weeks


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Gift of 4 Academic Writing Club Sessions – 16 Weeks


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Gift of 12 Academic Writing Club Sessions – 48 Weeks


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