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Give the gift that says “I Believe in You!”

Support the academic endeavors of someone special to you — give them the gift of membership in The Academic Writing Club.

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They’ll get the help and support they need to complete those challenging writing projects — and you’ll get the gift of helping them succeed!

“… the season of angst and applications in which I was embroiled during the November ’08 through March ’09 sessions of Academic Ladder has ended most happily — with a new position at another university.  I’m very pleased about the final outcome, and feel that I have Academic Ladder’s Academic Writing Club to thank for help with the application writing and journal article completion that made the new position possible.”

D., Assistant Professor of History

Select a gift of 1, 4, or 12 sessions.
Each session consists of 4 weeks of membership in the Academic Writing Club.

Grad Student Professor
Gift of 1 Academic Writing Club Session  – 4 Weeks


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Gift of 4 Academic Writing Club Sessions – 16 Weeks


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Gift of 12 Academic Writing Club Sessions – 48 Weeks


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