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Becoming a parent adds a whole new dimension to writing your dissertation. Here’s a great way to get the support and help you need!

ABD Mom Group

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A dissertation coaching group for mothers of young children

Wondering how you can write your dissertation when it took you six weeks to figure out how to fit a shower into your daily schedule?

It’s a happy, exciting time in your life, yet you’re overwhelmed with the responsibilities of motherhood and family life combined with the stress of worrying about your dissertation.

You need some support and help from a dissertation coaching group whose members are mothers who are coping with the same issues as you.

Join the new ABD Mom Group!

In this group we discuss strategies for combining mother’s work with academic work. But that’s not all!

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You will learn:

  • How to juggle academic and family responsibilities
  • How to find the time to do your work and then make the best use out of that time
  • How to mentally re-engage with your academic work
  • How to break work down into small, manageable goals
  • How to prioritize a large “to-do” list
  • How to deal with feelings of guilt about utilizing child care
  • How to navigate an academic culture that can see having a family as a signal that you are not a committed scholar

All while drawing ideas, strategies and support from other women who are also combining graduate work with motherhood.

And most important of all, you will get on track with your dissertation!


You will get:

  • A weekly one-hour telephone call with other grad student moms
  • A private listserve to communicate successes, questions or frustrations throughout the week
  • An opportunity to establish weekly work goals and report on progress toward those goals
  • A guaranteed one hour of sanity every week!

This group is appropriate for anyone who:

  • Can no longer read anything more complex than People Magazine
  • Fears she has forgotten how to engage in an adult conversation
  • Feels highly distracted and unable to focus on anything related to the dissertation
  • Wonders how she is going to get everything done
  • Has limited time and energy to focus on her dissertation

ABD Mom Dissertation Group Leader: Jayne London

In addition to being a great dissertation coach, Jayne was a parent advocate at the University of Michigan’s Graduate School for 10 years. She has many years of experience working with graduate students who have family responsibilities.  

The Details

The group meets once a week, by calling a teleconference line.

Each group meeting is one hour long.

You will have access to a private group listserv.

Don’t struggle alone for another day. Contact Jayne London for more information!

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