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You may have DAS: Dissertation Avoidance Syndrome! Take this assessment and find out. You will also receive a free gift by email.

Do You Have Dissertation Avoidance Syndrome?

Are you concerned that you may have the dreaded Dissertation Avoidance Syndrome, or DAS, as we call it in the Dissertation Coaching Business? Then take this simple assessment. You will receive a bonus, my popular “Academic Writer’s Block Wizard”, and be subscribed to my bi-weekly newsletter, chock filled with useful, timely tips, information and resources. You can unsubscribe at any time. Enjoy the assessment!

I’m not sure of my topic yet.
I have spent a at least a year reviewing literature, without a page of writing.
I’d rather spend the day cleaning my closet than work on my dissertation.
If another person asks how the dissertation’s going, I’ll shoot them.
I often set aside a large block of time for writing, and then do nothing.
I’m not sure I want to be in this field.
I can’t imagine being a professor and publishing.
I’ve set several deadlines for myself, and then didn’t meet them.
Sometimes I think I’ll never finish my dissertation.
I’ve had to apply for an extension.
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