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Grad students:
Is your dissertation taking forever?
Do you feel overwhelmed and confused?
When it’s time to write, do you procrastinate?
Our dissertation coaching groups are specifically designed to transform your graduate student experience.  Learn how to become a creative and productive writer and researcher, manage your time and order your priorities, learn how to plan, and live your life more fully.  We have been running these groups for 10 years, with fantastic results.  Our groups use proven techniques that will allow you to blossom professionally within a confidential, supportive environment.

Our Dissertation Groups Are For Grad Students Who Would Love To:

  • Clarify their writing priorities and set reasonable goals
  • Develop a consistent and realistic writing habit
  • Create strategies to move beyond their own resistance to write
  • Learn how to manage their time
  • Reduce their sense of isolation
  • Have a reliable accountability structure
  • Finish their dissertation!

“I’m so happy that I found this ABD group. It has provided encouragement, focus, motivation and inspiration. You are an  on-target facilitator, with an approachable demeanor and a great sense of humor.”

— Grace Hartel


More Details About Our Dissertation Coaching Groups:

  • Weekly meetings by phone 
  • A friendly, encouraging environment, which will support you and enable you to get more work accomplished
  • A confidential environment that allows you to speak freely about the problems you encounter in your research, writing, and relationships in your department
  • Private listserv, just for your group — post daily, if you wish, to write your to-do list and accomplishments
  • Write about your dissertation writing difficulties and get help and support from other group members

“We have worked together for only about three months, yet I have accomplished an unbelievable number of things for my academic career, alongside my full-time job. …You give me confidence and make me unbelievably productive. Thank you.”

— G.R.

“This is such a hard process… I feel very lucky to have found you, and I’m so grateful to you and the group.”

— L.N., April 2005





So Why A Dissertation Group Run By A Coach?

  • Many groups or “writing buddy” arrangements are started by students but stop after a short time.
  • The competitive atmosphere of some departments stifles the productivity and creativity of many graduate students.  And it makes it difficult to talk about the difficulties you’re facing, whether with peers or a professor running a group
  • You’re not always geographically at your university.  It can be so lonely writing a dissertation. If you are not in the sciences in a lab that meets frequently, you are often alone, slaving away in isolation.  Only a dissertation group run by a skilled coach can bridge that gap in a reliable and effective way.

What Does a Coach Do?  A Coach:

  • Maintains the momentum and keeps the group on track
  • Assures a continuing group experience
  • Provides expertise in the dissertation process
  • Makes sure that everyone gets their needs met during the group time
  • Asks questions that get you to think more creatively about actions you can take
  • Encourages participation
  • Keeps the group lively and engaging
  • Keeps the individual’s goals in mind




How Do Most Departmentally-Run Dissertation Groups Work?

  • They meet monthly (or less frequently)
  • You submit your writing when it’s your turn
  • You present your work at the meeting
  • You receive useful (mostly) critiques of your work
  • They don’t meet frequently enough
  • The meetings often are not supportive and encouraging
  • You don’t get help or advice on the best way to do the work
  • There is not a skilled dissertation coach running the group!

How do Academic Ladder Dissertation Groups Work?

  • Each group has 6-8 people
  • Confidentiality is emphasized
  • Everyone calls a “bridge line.”
  • The basic format is: each person reporting their dissertation activities from the last week and their plans for the next
  • From that basic format, lively discussion ensues!
  • Each group has their own private listserv to continue accountability and discussion during the week.


What would it be worth to you to finish your dissertation sooner than you thought you would?

“Participating in the group has been a great help. My working habits have improved and I’m making solid gains on the writing. Thanks to everyone!” G.M. March 2005

You already know how you’re doing on your own. How much better would you do with the support of a dissertation coaching group?

Give yourself a competitive advantage!  Sign up now!

“[This group has] given me the confidence to be come a professional in the field, a colleague to my professors, a person with important things to say and good ideas. You are all the best!”

— M.C.



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