Dissertation Coaching: What is it and Can it Help Me?

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Wondering if you might need dissertation help? Writing a dissertation can be a long and lonely struggle, and a dissertation coach can help immeasurably. Learn more about dissertation coaching.

Bowl of Cherries

Need Dissertation Help?
Writing a Dissertation is Not a Bowl of Cherries!

You Can Make it Easier for Yourself: Hire a Dissertation Coach!

Learn What a Dissertation Coach Can Do For You

A dissertation coach:

  • Holds you accountable to specific weekly goals
  • Helps you determine short-term and long-term goals
  • Makes sure you are consistently working towards your goals
  • Helps you learn the latest ideas in writing/time management techniques
  • Helps you work with your dissertation advisors and committee
  • Can help you think through career choice and job search planning
  • Provides support and encouragement

A dissertation coach does NOT:

  • Write for you or provide previously written dissertation material
  • Give you advice on the content of your thesis
  • Do anything unethical or involve you in anything unethical
  • Replace your dissertation advisor

Why should YOU get a dissertation coach?

  • To make sure you finish your dissertation as quickly as possible
  • To make sure you are thinking through your career plans
  • To make sure you are taking all the steps you need to at the appropriate times
  • To provide you the support and encouragement that you may not be getting elsewhere

How difficult a decision is it to decide about a dissertation coach?

  • Not difficult at all!
  • Email us at info@AcademicLadder.com.
  • Ask questions and get more information
  • Find out about the differences between individual and group coaching
  • Start working with out expert dissertation coaches!

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