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“You just don’t know how happy I am to have your newsletter as a resource.  […] I feel more empowered to complete my goals of obtaining my MA and PhD.  There are so many helpful and thorough tips on preparation, organization, downtime etc.  I always get excited when I see this e-newsletter in my INBOX.  I just feel so ahead of the game on obtaining information to use in the future.  Thanks for making it available via internet and free of charge.  At a time when money is tight its great to have resources such as these available.

Since I’ve signed up for the subscription I have printed every issue and saved them in a binder!”   

— Alice Rollins, graduate student, Georgia State University


“Reading your newsletter has helped me feel assured that I’m not alone in periodically feeling overwhelmed, feeling like a failure, feeling destroyed by my committee members, and so on.  It has also had some really practical tips for thinking about these things in an alternative, positive way.

I think my personal favorite was the list of positive lines to say to oneself, one of which read something like: “my students are lucky I even showed up to teach today.”

Last but not least, the “reverse outline” idea was very helpful to me at several points.  All of this is to say that yesterday I successfully completed the oral defense of my dissertation, and I want to thank you and your newsletter for helping me along the way!”

— Ph.D. recipient and satisfied newsletter reader, Syracuse University

 And the Academic Ladder’s accountability tools: 

“I simply can’t believe how unstressful this is, it’s amazing — all the questions I used to try and juggle in my head now have a method for ordering, and reorganizing. And having the group to check in with is an extraordinary incentive and support — it is such a different experience.”

— Assistant Professor, tenure track, in Academic Ladder Writing Club


I FINISHED THE ARTICLE! I thought this day would never come! I am practically dancing with glee…This is maybe my fastest article ever — less than three months from start to finish, with a lot of other projects dealt with at the same time. Getting them done fast feels GOOD.”

— Assistant Professor, tenure track

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