MORE PRODUCTIVITY, LESS PANIC – How to Make the Most of Your Summer

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“Wait, what?  It’s July 30!  The summer is more than half over!  I didn’t write at all in June and hardly anything in July!  Now I have so much work to do – – too much work!  How am I ever going to do it?”

You know that mid-summer panic?

Non-academic friends never understand.  “It’s still summer!  Why are you worrying now?” After all, “You have summers off, right?”  Riiiiiiight.

As you well know, while you may not have the same responsibilities during the summer that you have during the academic year, you still have a lot that you should be doing to keep your career moving forward.

But as much as you crave a more leisurely schedule, it’s actually difficult once you get what you wish for.  Your mind is used to deadlines, and a regimented schedule of classes, administrative work, and meetings.  It’s easy to get into the habit of procrastinating as the long days, weeks, and months stretch out in front of you.

After all, you earned it, right?  You need a rest. You’ll do it tomorrow.

Tips for a Panic-less Summer

[Check out the Tips — read the full article at academiblog (), and let us know how you get ready for summer.  Or maybe you have a story to share about your summer panic?]

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