Teaching Hints I Wish Someone Had Told Me

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This is an opportunity to share your knowledge about college teaching with others. Whether your experience is as a graduate student teaching assistant or as faculty giving lectures, your expertise can help others.

‘Teaching Hints I Wish I’d Had’

Share your hints with others teaching at the college level. I will publish them in my newsletter and on this website. Only respond to the questions or suggestions that interest you – they are there to jog your memory. When I finish the article, I will send you a copy by email.

Have you found any innovative teaching techniques that you think might help others?
What have you found that has helped with rude student behaviors?
What is the best way that you’ve found to prepare lectures for classes you’ve never taught before?
Do you have any tricks for giving tests that are less work for you?
If you’d like to share a teaching technique you’ve used that is specialized for your domain, please share it.
Who was your favorite lecturer, teaching assistant, or teacher when you were an undergraduate and why? (you don’t need to give specific names.)
Do you have a teaching issue or problem that you would like to see addressed? Perhaps others can help with your dilemma.
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