this program has got me writing

“Coming up for tenure next year, in good shape with publications but have been in a writing slump for the past year. This program has really changed that!
“The wonderful supportive comments from the coaches and the other writers are really motivating! Thanks to all! It has been very encouraging to see what others in the class have done to silence the inner critic…. A few months ago I was only taking notes from readings, and not writing anything myself. Fortunately, this program has got me writing…. Today, yet again I thought, NOW I’m really getting this, understanding why it is important to write 15 minutes (at least) each day. This keeps my topic more in the front of my brain, so that ideas can come to me all day. Also, the 15 minutes just circumvents the critic and the procrastinator who feel it is not good enough or not ready for prime time. So what, too bad, got to write anyway, so sit down and like tonight, something pretty good comes out of nowhere, and pretty quickly! And the beauty of it is, I don’t have to “get it,” or understand why/how it works, it (15 min sessions) just works, all I have to do is DO IT!”

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