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The “Get Unstuck and Get Started” Tools
  • Write Before You’re Ready: First Steps to Avoiding Writer’s Block
  • Academic Writer’s Block Wizard
The “Get Organized and Stay Motivated” Tools
  • Procrastinate Less, Write More
  • The “Unschedule”
  • 10 Ways of Thinking that Lead to Procrastination
  • Six Steps for Creating Your Own Mini-Deadlines
The “Writing and Revising your Dissertation” Tools
  • Mind Mapping (PDF)
  • Mind Map Example (PDF)
  • Dissertation Revision Techniques (PDF)
The “Be Kind to Yourself Even Though You’re in Grad School” Tools
  • Self-Assessment: “Do You Deserve a Ph.D.?” Find out if you have Ph.D. Impostor Syndrome!
  • Positive Affirmations for Academic Writers
  • A Chart for Living a Balanced Life (Even if You’re a Graduate Student)
  • Balanced Life Reward Chart pdf (supply your own gold stars)
  • Balanced Life Reward Chart Word document
  • Balanced Life Reward Chart Example
The “Get a Job” Tool
  • 123 Frequently-Asked Academic Job Interview Questions (From a list compiled by faculty development experts — this is gold!)

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“I was looking for comparisons of the various organizational tools for collecting data for dissertation writing and research. It seems to me that I was ‘led’ to your site. You are addressing so many of the issues that I hear expressed by those with whom I travel on this journey toward the doctorate. Thank you for approaching this process with such insight, compassion, and support.”

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