Is Coaching Ethical?

People are sometimes confused about the role of the coach. Unlike some of the services easily found on the Internet, which offer the services of writers and researchers who perform the actual work for you, coaching is completely ethical. It is not necessary for the coach to even know about your field of study.

Coaches DO perform the following services:

  • They help you organize yourself.
  • They help you set your priorities.
  • They help you create reasonable goals for yourself.
  • They remind you of your priorities so you don’t get off track.
  • They serve as a sounding board for your ideas.
  • They help you with career planning
  • They provide support and encouragement.
  • They help you improve your relationships with advisors and peers.
  • They help you find ways to get the information you need.

Coaches DON’T perform the following services:

  • They don’t write anything for you.
  • They don’t edit your dissertation.
  • They don’t do statistics for you.
  • They don’t make decisions for you.
  • They don’t do anything that your advisor or colleagues would find unethical.

You may be wondering how you can get help in writing your dissertation,publishing, or finding career help. I hope that this summary will help you make a decision as to what kind of professional is right for you.

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