What Can I Get From This Web Site?

Here’s a quick overview of the highlights of this website…

Academia can be a cold and lonely place. Or to be less dramatic, it can be difficult at times. This site provides access to information, reminders, discussions, assessments, forums and other forms of entertainment/education.

In order for this site to work best for you, I suggest that you sign up for my newsletter, in the upper left hand box on each of the web pages.

Check out my blog, and please write in your comments.  I believe that interacting with others is the number one way to increase your productivity. Isolation can be a creativity killer.

Take the self assessments. Many people take them periodically to monitor their progress.

Write me directly at Gina@AcademicLadder.com to let me know what you would like to see on this site, or to offer congratulations or criticism (gentle preferred.)

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