Web Site Features Survey

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Fill out this survey to help me improve my web site!

Web Site Features Survey

Help me design new features for this website and make some decisions about costly (to me) enhancements to my site. Your help is appreciated!

Do you find it difficult to write often enough?
Would you like to have a place online, accessible only by you, where you could log in how much you wrote each day (or as often as you wished.)
How interested would you be in a feature that would allow you to graph how many pages or paragraphs you have written in order to see your progress over time? Click on the choice that most matches what you think.
Less True – 1 2 3 4 5 – More True
Would you like to be able to compare your progress with others (with permission from all) in order to motivate you to write more often?
Would you be willing to pay for a website that offered the items in the previous questions, in addition to a monthly teleconference, forums, chat and information — if it cost $5 a month?
If it cost $10 a month?
If it cost $15 a month?
If it cost $20 a month?
Are you a grad student, post doc or professor?
Is there anything else that you would like on a website that would help you reach your goals of writing, researching, publishing, finding a job, or any other area of academia?
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