What is Tenure Coaching?

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Getting tenure may be one of the most long, complicated and difficult quests that one can face. It is much easier and doable if you have a coach. Find out what a tenure coach does…

If you are a junior professor, you want to do everything you possibly can to increase your chance of getting tenured.

The journey towards tenure is like a marathon race.  You have to maintain your momentum during a long, long run.  You need to keep track of many aspects of the race, such as the twists and turns of the road, your competitors and your training.  And most world-class runners have a coach.

  • A tenure coach, like a sports coach, will help you maintain your momentum — with research, teaching, writing and publishing. 
  • When you are dispirited, a tenure coach will help remind you of your long-term goals and stay the course. 
  • If you are overfocusing on one area at the expense of others, a coach will make sure you don’t overlook other areas of your career. 
  • The politics and personalities of a department can be difficult to negotiate — a tenure coach can keep you on an even track.
  • A coach will stay abreast of the latest techniques in such areas as teaching and time management.
  • A coach will provide support and encouragement when you need it most.
  • A tenure coach maintains a confidential relationship so that you can talk about issues that you cannot discuss with others.

How do I know if a tenure coach is right for me?

  • Contact Gina at Gina@AcademicLadder.com
  • Discuss any questions you have with Gina
  • Find out whether there are any phone groups that are available and whether a phone coaching group would be appropriate for you.

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