Advice on Advisors: Teleclass Recording

If You Have a Dissertation Advisor, This Teleclass Recording is For You!

“Taming Tigers or Organizing Mice: Advice on Advisors”
Teleclass Recording


  • Does your dissertation advisor intimidate you?
  • Or do you have a friendly advisor who doesn’t give useful or timely advice?
  • Do you struggle to understand what your advisor wants from you?
  • Or do you wonder if your advisor likes or respects you, or even thinks about you at all?
  • Are you writing your dissertation long-distance from your advisor?
  • Do you wonder whether you should change advisors?

If You Have a Dissertation Advisor, This Teleclass Recording is For You!

Listen in as I, Gina Hiatt, founder of Academic Ladder, interview Jayne London, Manager of Graduate Student Life at the School of Graduate Studies at the University of Michigan. She has 10 years experience mentoring graduate students, and understands not only their problems, but also the thoughts and expectations of their advisors.

Jayne gives the inside scoop on what advisors want from their graduate students, and what you can do to optimize your relationship with your advisor.

Listen to this recording so you can

  • Avoid repeating the mistakes that so many others have made
  • Solve advisor relationship problems that could hinder your progress
  • Finish your dissertation faster and with less pain
  • Get the best reference letters possible from your advisor
  • Start making your graduate school experience better than you thought possible


Which Type of Advisor Do You Have?

We delve into the various types of problematic advisors and give you advice on how to deal with each of them. Perhaps you have one of these advisors:

  • The wishy-washy advisor who changes expectations midstream
  • The absent minded, forgetful, or neglectful advisor
  • The long-distance advisor who doesn’t return emails or phone calls
  • The harsh and cruel advisor
  • The advisor who will only accept polished drafts

There are actual techniques that will help you make the best of your relationship with each type of advisor. Find out what they are!

What Do Dissertation Advisors Really Want?

Many grad students struggle to figure out what their advisors want from them. Are you bothering your advisor if you ask for a meeting? Or should you be initiating more contact with your advisor but don’t know what to say? Are you asking your advisor too many questions? Or should you be asking more questions? How do advisors think about their graduate students? We cover all these topics, and more.


Cost of MP3 recording

Fee for downloadable MP3 recording of class:

Your relationship with your advisor will determine:

  • If you finish your dissertation
  • How long it takes you to get your degree
  • Whether you still love your field when you finish
  • Your reputation as a scholar
  • What kind of job you get after you graduate

So stop wondering how to interact with your advisor, and get some specific advice on what you can do to manage this all-important relationship.



All who sign up for this recording will receive a sample email that you can use to follow up with your advisor after a meeting. This style of communication is vital, yet many don’t know how to approach it, or even what words to use. Just this bonus will help you avoid endless aggravation.