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If you have ADD/ADHD, graduate school can be tough. Find out how the structure and support of our ADHD Dissertation Coaching Group can help you thrive in graduate school.

Dissertation Coaching Group for Students with ADHD

Are you floundering in graduate school because you are:

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  • Easily distracted?
  • Disorganized?
  • Unable to focus for long time periods?
  • Often restlesss?
  • Frequently bored?
  • Feeling inadequate or stigmatized?

A dissertation coaching group designed specifically for students with ADHD may be what you need!

Benefits of joining an ADHD Dissertation Coaching Group:

  • Maintain motivation so you can complete your dissertation
  • Learn effective techniques for completing large projects
  • Learn how to set smaller, more consistent, achievable goals
  • Identify and change old ineffective work habits
  • Interact with other doctoral students with ADHD

And most importantly…

  • Finish your dissertation!

This group is appropriate for anyone who

  • Is wondering if s/he has ADHD
  • Has recently been diagnosed
  • Has had a diagnosis of ADHD for some time

To have made it this far in your academic career, you are clearly bright and creative. Make the most of your assets and thrive in academia!

Join today!

To join this group, or for further information, contact us at

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